Our goal is to have our students:

Develop essential academic skills and increase their fund of knowledge along with their critical thinking skills

Develop age-appropriate social skills and behaviors

Build a strong sense of self

Become active learners who assume responsibility for their own learning

Understand and manage their disabilities

Become effective advocates for themselves

Discover their vocational interests and aptitudes

Enter the mainstream as they become ready


The Summit School uses appropriate accommodations to provide full access to a general education curriculum through a program designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, identify and use students’ strengths, and expand their knowledge. We optimize our students’ potential in all areas of development.

Summit’s interdisciplinary team facilitates our students’ development of a stronger sense of self. Students become effective self-advocates as they learn to understand themselves and prepare for the future. Summit is a community where individuals flourish, differences are accepted, and respect for students is valued. We address our students’ cognitive, academic, social, and emotional development to narrow the gap between potential and achievement.

We seek to create a group of students in each class who will complement each other. We take into consideration age, IQ range, language facility, management needs, reading and math levels, prior friendships, and personality traits. Related services of speech/language therapy, counseling, and occupational therapy are provided.

Although our students’ progress in a traditional classroom has been hindered by a variety of obstacles, they thrive in Summit’s therapeutic learning environment. Most importantly, we provide a safe, structured environment while encouraging growth in social, emotional, and academic areas of development.

The Application Process

The Summit School serves children sponsored by local school districts in New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County. Summit admits special needs children from third grade through high school.

Thank you for your interest in The Summit School. To submit an application for enrollment, please download the school’s application packet below, complete all forms, and return the application via mail with the supporting materials requested. Once we have reviewed your child’s admissions application, we will contact you.

This application packet is for admission to our elementary, middle, or high school program.


 You must submit the following forms for an application to be considered:
•  Application Form
•  Records Release Form
•  Educational and Psychological Testing Evaluations (completed within the last two years)
•  Social History (if not included in the psychological testing)
•  Copy of current IEP
•  Most recent report card
•  Relevant school records/transcript
•  Any other relevant material that will add to our understanding of the applicant
The following may be returned separately to the school:
•  Provider Questionnaire
This form must be completed and returned directly to The Summit School by the student’s teacher and any other professional who works with your child (speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, resource room teacher, or guidance counselor).

The Summit School is committed to having a diverse student population. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, ethnic origin, age, physical disability, or sexual orientation in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, and other school-administered programs.

All application packets and/or forms must be sent by mail to:
Admissions Office
The Summit School
187-30 Grand Central Parkway
Jamaica Estates, NY 11432

If you have any questions, please contact:
Nancy Morgenroth
Director of Admissions
Telephone 718-264-2931 x206
Email nmorgenroth@summitqueens.com

Our Admissions Application Packet includes the following:
•  Parent Letter
•  Procedure/Checklist
•  Application for Admission
•  Records Release Form
•  Provider Questionnaire

Applicants to The Summit School must submit the following documents for consideration:
• Application Form
• Copy of current IEP
• Neuropsychological or Psychoeducational Evaluation (completed within the last two years)
• Educational Evaluation (if not included in psychological testing)
• Social History (if not included in psychological testing)
• Provider Questionnaire (to be forwarded directly from providers)
• Most recent report card
• School transcript and previous school records
• Any other relevant material that will add to our understanding of the applicant

Once an admissions file is complete, our staff assesses whether a student would benefit from the program that Summit has to offer, and whether we have the appropriate class for the particular applicant. If a possible match is indicated, an appointment is made for the student and parent to meet with the admissions team and to tour the school.

After the interview, our Director of Admissions will contact the applicant with a decision. If a child is offered a space at the school, the place can be held only by either a signed contract or prior approval of funding from the New York City Department of Education or local school district. If a space is not offered, the Admissions Director may suggest other possible schools.

We understand that the admissions process can be difficult for families, and we hope we can be helpful in facilitating the process. It is our aim at Summit to make the admissions procedure as personal and comfortable as possible.

Enhancing the Ability to Achieve

Watch Upper School Guidance Counselor, Yvonne Bowman, talk about how Summit strives to help our students embrace their learning differences.


Since 1968

The Summit School has been giving children with learning and adjustment challenges
the attention they need to develop their individual strengths and talents.

  • “We’re not just about numbers here, we really look at each person for who they are, and we want them to feel validated, heard, and important. When a child comes to Summit, we try to make this their second home… They feel comfortable enough to let their guard down here.”

    Tara Pino, Director of Transportation and Work Based Learning

Getting 5% Better

Measurable Success

Watch Lower School Teacher, Matt Foley, talk about how Summit creates the structure for success, with the opportunity to improvise.