At The Summit School, students with selective mutism receive the support they need to overcome their struggles and reach their full potential. Upper School Science Teacher, Larry Kutrzman, shares the inspiring story of one such student who entered the school with selective mutism and was “unbelievably smart,” but struggled to speak in class.

With the support of dedicated and caring teachers and individualized treatment plans, the student became more comfortable in class, contributing to discussions and even showing off his sarcastic sense of humor. By the end of the year, the student gave a memorable valedictorian speech, demonstrating the incredible transformation he experienced at The Summit School.

According to Lisa Garg, MS, LLP, a specialist in treating children with selective mutism, treatment often involves collaboration with parents and the child’s individual needs. Evidence-based practices such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based therapy are utilized to help children manage their symptoms and reduce anxiety.

At The Summit School, students with selective mutism are not alone in their journey. With the right support and evidence-based practices, they can overcome their struggles and find their voice within. As Larry says, “This was from a kid who would barely say word one when he first started at Summit.” Join us in celebrating the incredible journeys of these students and their journey from shyness to confidence.